Growing older, healthy & happy together!

 Functional workouts & dance therapy for aging bodies 

F.A.S. Marite Saravia  &  M.D. Arne Jarnbert

A gentle journey to a more flexible, stronger and healthy body

Latin dance therapy

Say Goodbye! to depression, and Hello! to a cheerful new you. Learning basic steps of salsa, cumbia, tango, cha cha cha and flamenco will give a boost to your mood.

Workouts for Baby boomers

Coming up December 2020 !!

  • Functional training for aging bodies

Online Trainer Certification

Coming up February 2021 !!

  • Certified online functional trainer for aging bodies

Online health program 

Coming up April 2021

  • Strategies & natural remedies to keep your body weight and  health under control.


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All workouts are suitable for beginners level

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